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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
They might have, she didn't press the issue and everyone was apparently dumbfounded (yet she had time to call Nako previously) And the thing is, even if it took a while to get him, they still needed to try to, as Ohana going to get him means they are another person short. Furthermore, would it have been as long as the trip back and to town as well as the time it takes to search for him?Jiromaru. The writer is always an expendable. Hell, I'm sure he has it tattooed somewhere on his body.

That or Takako
Except Jiromaru is an idiot. You got to keep in mind this isn't just a matter of driving over, finding Tohru and asking him to come back. This is his day off and he's at a friends/familiy members wedding. Even if I was dedicated to my work, I'd be reluctant to come in if they sent Jiromaru of all people to persuade me back.

It's kind of the same for Takako. I wouldn't honestly trust her to be able to negotiate for an employee to come back to work on the spur of the moment. And unlike Jiromaru, you can't exactly rely on to even make the attempt.

So no. sending Ohana really ISN'T that outrageous of an idea. Because even though we like her and her attitude, objectively speaking she's the lowest utility worker they have that can still be reliably trusted to get a more important employee on his day off to come back. I think we have an inflated sense of how important Ohana is due to her being the main character.

Perhaps this isn't the 100% optimal way to try to salvage the situation, but I can't agree that it's necessarily a bad way. That's what decision making is. It's not to spend hours or days (like we are in this discussion) thinking of the most optimal way to solve a time critical problem. It's coming up with a decent course of action then doing it. And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't like anyone else there was coming up with a viable plan of action.

Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I suppose this is the least of my problems with her rushing out, but it's really irresponsible to go outside in her work kimono, where it might get damaged, when she should be thinking about how she will then serve the customers.
I honestly am bothered by this is that its not only an illogical course of action to take (when there are other, better options) but also how it's inconsistent with what she had said about serving the customers first and foremost and how she didn't think about how they will end up being a hand short.

What if she arrived there and the wedding was already over? What if she got the place wrong? What if her uniform was damaged, how will she serve the customers? etc.

So many things wrong about it.
As I've said before. It's a matter of risk/benefit. If Ohana can get Tohru and herself back in time, there will be significant benefit since the Customers will be less inconvenienced which will potentially outweigh the inconvenienced the customers experiance by Ohana not being there for awhile. So Ohana is working on a strategy that increases the chance of the best possible outcome, instead of going for a *safe* strategy that only seeks to prevent a disaster.

Going for the former is not necessarily an illogical strategy. Ohana might not necessarily be calculating all this, but the course of action she's taking is not necessarily the worst one she could take. I'll point out that military leaders often need to make these kind of decisions to. The best military leaders we remember are the ones who took risks that paid off. The mediocre or horrible generals we remember sometimes are the ones who took horrible risks that backfired disastrously, but sometimes the ones who never decided to risk anything are the worst.
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