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hey guys I need some help

I am currently in chapter 3, just rescued the alchemist that was trapped in Rosean Mountains, Baked Clay Foothills.
Got the sceen with the reaper and all, but can't figure out what to do next.

Completed all the events I had, all stages I got and no places for me to visit..

Some special thing, item I need to make or level I need to reach etc ?

and another thing... How does I use items in stages ? potions and such

After 4 hours of doing random dungeons, I found out that a red star abow the characters head in the workshop mean that I could talk to them -.-
An event triggers when you meet certain requirements telling you to go look for something in the first forest (i forget what it's called, it's the first area you go to in the game after you leave town). Not sure exactly what those requirements are (probably level requirements or Workshop requirements), but the scene is a kid asking you to help him. When I got it, player character and 3 main heroines were all level 15 or above and all the areas of my house were upgraded to 4.
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