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Originally Posted by raitouazura View Post
i'm still downloading this game, so i have few question :

what is the good and bad part of this game?
how many heroine you can get the ending with?
is there true / harem end?

that's all, thanks in advance
I haven't played the game all the way through, so I can only answer the first question.

I think the game is fantastic overall. I really enjoy the gameplay; it's pretty linear but semi- open-world, the battles are fun, the gameplay mechanics have depth allow for a lot of flexibility (i.e. it's not necessary to min-max your characters if you don't want to), and I like figuring out how to arrange my workshop and figuring out how to create various items. Maybe someone who's completed the game can give you a more definite answer, but I hear there are new endings and events you unlock by completing the game multiple times, including a harem ending.

To me, the gameplay is by far the best part of the game. In comparison, the art, plot, and writing aren't as good -- they're not bad, but not great either. Maybe this applies a bit less for the art -- the art is good, I think, but it's not remarkable. I enjoy the soundtrack so far, but it doesn't particularly stand out from other games (I really enjoy the music in Alicesoft games so take this as you will).

IMO, the only "bad" part of the game is that it gets somewhat tedious going through all the menus as your battle strategies become more complex.

I can't really comment on the translation because I don't know Japanese, but I don't recall being bothered by any of the lines as a result of poor phrasing or grammatical errors so I'm going to go ahead and assume this unobtrusiveness means translators did a great job.

Overall I think the game is great and definitely worth playing.

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