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I don't see anything in the rules against PM'ing it to people. You could even do a crop of a facial closeup to give folks an idea in a post.

Personally, I don't have a particular problem with "R-rated" pics as long as no sexual activity or just basically crass behavior is involved but the Animesuki site rules stray to the conservative side (PG-13) so that all ages can access it.

Yeah, really the only problem I had was they gave her a "D"ish cup when she's a B/C at best. Cup Size does not equal beauty which is a shame because otherwise its a wonderful pic.
Hmm a crop teaser^^ Guess I can do that (already had a few Pm's for it^^) I'll do it up when I get home from work today.
Much Thanks to Mr. Hat's for the siggy^^
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