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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
Sorry to be annoying but each time that one side got something to discuss, it was discussed on 2ch. (example: the gumlineS).

So, please could our AS translator could post on 2ch, just to see what the other japanese people (some rurkare post there, right?) think of it?

Since it's an important "proof" about lelouch's feelings, before calling that "officially confirmed", it should also be confirmed by other people who read japanese. From japanese people and neutral shipper if possible. Because so far, I only read that on AS and GFQ and from rurukare translators, so... And I asked about 2ch because i think i read somewhere that it wasn't discussed at all on 2ch (but maybe i am wrong)

Just my opinion on this matter :3
Lawl, you do not have to state it is your opinion, this is obvious cause it is you, who is posting. xD

And btw, speaking of translations, cause i can recall something else that was on "fier" by the time it was out and needed to be clear out, can someone state that whatever-interview that had caused mess about a misinterpretation in Okouchi's {or was it Taniguchi?} words about R2 epi 15, and Lelouch {or not him/viewers etc} being jealous {?} over Charles ready to kiss C.C?
I can recall, there was a misunderstanding in some translations, so since we are on the matter, some light here would be cool.
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