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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
It doesn't make it less valid in the eyes of some people, true.

But understand the position of people like me who are not rurukare fan, we only got translations and opinions on that fact from rurukare fans, and even if 2ch is awful, every little fact are usually discussed a lot there, so even if some people will maybe feel insulted by me (i'm sorry), I talk for all the non-rurukare fans from western countries which have doubts but fear to say it in public here because they can't read japanese.

It's a very important "line" so, the translation should be confirmed by many people (including neutrak) before calling that Fact for real.

Fair enough. To be quite honest, i have not seen a scan myself but well, i knew something like this was there when i watched the epi anyway and her chara song came out to confirm this for me //before the booklet.
But like you said, for not KallenxLelouch fans or to be honest, for CCxL fans, i guess you got a point.

Btw, speaking of the KallenxLelouch kiss, i thought it was done in an epic way. Or better, the image itself. Moving past the kinda crappy animation, if you pay attention to the scene and their clothes, the image is full of contrast. Two people that have nothing in common seemingly {at that point} a Britania prince and a Japanese terrorist and yet, feelings are feelings. I thought the way it was done, the whole opposite-display, was really a great touch. // and also their reaction after the kiss, well, that was exactly why the NT booklet was not needed.

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