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Originally Posted by Lie View Post
~ Is the line in question.
I don't have a scanner to scan the booklet with.
The literal (no bias this is a literal dictionary definition) is to exchange kisses/mutual kisses/returned kisses/intersect kisses (LOL).
The colloquial use is more personal because this wording isn't used often. Its not like 'ai' but its not frequent, I can find it in a romance novel. People who just 'kiss' use a much more casual word.
I told you, for me, the booklet just confirmed the idea i had. I mean, after their kiss, the opening-slow-eyes technique, is used frequently on romance shows, i was actually a bit surprised to see this.
So, this particular scene, had a special meaning.
Apart from bias/no bias, the booklet basically sealed something that from my pov, was obvious anyway in #22.

But thanks for taking the time to go through it back and give the exact line ~
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