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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
ROFL Ok, just with this, this will be my last reply to you from now on.
Fine with me.

Ahem, and? This brought nothing. It does not do any harm, instead it does at least something good. Period
Putting "necessarily" and stuff, does not make your weak argument stronger.
Weak argument?
I was talking about how there is nothing wrong with people like C.C. (random example) not getting punished, because it doesn't harm anyone and because our system isn't perfect.
Therefore, I don't considere my argument "weak".

Spare the families pain and the lost lives. Sure thing. Sure.
All the world's hatred was transfered to Lelouch.
Again, I'm not saying that this would work in real life, but we are talking about the philosophy of Code Geass here, and by the end of Code Geass, no one thought much about other people's wrong doings anymore.
That's the kind of world Lelouch created - you don't have to be happy with it, but as I see it, it's certainly there.

I guess Viletta ruining Shirley's life {cause this we saw} and possibly killing a hell lot of Japanese civilians and she is now leading the baby-boom life is quite free-pass-fair as well. And yes, she may not harm anyone now, but past crimes just can't be erased like they never happened, for the love of Jesus.
I never talked about "erasing" something.
But... oh well. Let's leave it at that.
"I think of the disturbance in Area 11 as a chess puzzle, set forth by Lelouch." - Clovis la Britannia
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