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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
Weak argument?
I was talking about how there is nothing wrong with people like C.C. (random example) not getting punished, because it doesn't harm anyone and because our system isn't perfect.
Therefore, I don't considere my argument "weak".
Whut, whut? I was talking about Nina and because of her how many lives were lost. C.C is a SAINT compared to Nina, please. This is irrelevant.
And the system can get to work on a satisfactory level. Of course, if there are people that think there is no wrong, or right, then the system goes to hell. People are mean and good. And under certain environments, they get to express both of their natures. Too bad some people never get to find this "good-allow" environment and they only express the bad-self. Benefit of the doubt is NOT given in people that have taken others people lives. At least not before they pay.

Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
All the world's hatred was transfered to Lelouch.

A-a-and? S-s-o? What does this have to do with Nina's punishemnt?
Just because a man makes himself the scapegoat means everything else is butterflies and everyone gets automatically a clean slate? Are you frigging kidding me here? No srsly.

Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
I never talked about "erasing" something.
But... oh well. Let's leave it at that.
And yet you did. Giving someone a free pass before he gets his right punishment, is erasing the past mistakes.
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