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Originally Posted by Uh_huh View Post
Alright, so I found this manga awhile back but since school was in session I decided to wait till the holidays to read it. However, now I totally forgot the name of the manga and can't seem to find it anymore... maybe someone who has read it before can help me.

The manga is about this mysterious protagonist who is trying to eliminate this notorious assassins clan that seems to have been disbanded or is in hiding and the first chapter involves him getting into a fight with a former assassin who uses strings to assassinate his targets. He kills him with a special sword made from the same clan that has the ability to cut through any weapon at the expense of wearing down the sword itself. The protagonist also has a crossed out letter tattoo on his back (I think it was his back).

The drawing is somewhat similar to Basilisk and the setting seems to be in historic times.

Many thanks!

I would also like to add that in the first chapter the former assassin is putting on a puppet show for a group of children and his assistant is a young woman who is blind (he is raising her).

Before the protagonist and the former assassin fight, another group of assassins attack and try to take both of them out.
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