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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Incorrect. It's a mostly conservative initiative that has mass support across the spectrum which comes from the Neo-Confucianist values ingrained into Korean society during the 512 years of the Joseon dynasty. Furthermore, people like myself (Shintoist) agree with upping the age to 18.

If we accept your argument, then most of policy of the ruling party is because they are conservative, not because they are pro-Christian. They just won the General election for the control of legislative branch, which will further strengthen their hold in judicial branch ( ) . On top of this, the ruling party may win the Presidential election later this year. What motive will ruling party have for changing their way? Wouldn't they become emboldened to push for even stronger conservative agenda, and give less heed to those who want compromise or wish for moderate agenda? Wouldn't the ruling party further engage in ideological warfare to purge Korean society of dissenting voices? Wouldn't they further suppress voice of academicians who presents cases against the claims of ruling party? If you are fan of the Korean ruling party, this is a good time, but if you are not, then what hope does those not favored by Saenuri Party have? For those who desires political reforms in Korea to protect the poor, reduce governmental corruptions, and end the distortion of truth by state-run media( ), there is much to fear that things will get worse.
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