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Remember Madoka and Kyouko's doomed attempt to make Sayaka revert back?

The way I see it, it seems the Pleiades Saints searched, and worked out a partial solution to fulfilling that goal. With more resources (magic, and numbers of Puella Magis) and the luxury of time to work out a solution. Plus, if indeed, Nico is an Incubator, and Jyubey has helped a great deal, Incubator assistance. After all, I shudder to think how much energy the Incubators have harvested from Kazumi's grief seed.

If somehow, Witches could be stopped from rampaging and reverted back to to some semblance of humanity and sentience, that'd likely be considered a significant triumph for the Incubators. It'll be far easier to convince a Puella Magi to witch out, if retaining your sentience and sanity was possible and doable even then.

Kazumi Magica isn't Lighter and Softer. It's more horrific than the anime itself, since it explores the "unconventional" manipulation of Soul Gems and Grief Cubes in detail. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pleiades Saints turned out to be Incubator Guinea Pigs.
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