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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Speaking of trying to understand people, maybe you should have read a few posts upward... Lead by example, you know? Kinda hard to take you seriously if you don't.

And it doesn't change the fact that it would have been far, far better for him to kill himself on his own rather than murder two random strangers. Still a tragedy, if you want to insist on calling it that, but a much smaller one.
No relationship sir, I don't play at "see the last post" but "see the last page", I simply saw the quote, whether you take me seriously or not is the slightest of my problem, you are actually free of agreeing with what the japenese man said or not, and it's impossible to change one's opinion on this, I simply voiced mine.

Yes the tragedy would have been smaller if that man killed himself, but now maybe -at least- some people will try to understand why that man tried to suicid himself yet couldn't, and maybe it will change something for japense society, this one especially isn't easy. Otherwise it would have simply been " [Not breaking news]A former prisonnier suicid himself after being released". And who cares about that?

Edit: Man, come on are you kidding, stop playing semantic with me, we passed this, my post still hold all its value without knowing all the context, and there wasn't even the need to know the whole context, I do not agree with his sentence, I showed why, that's all. What you are doing is ridiculous -seeking the little mouse where it isn't-.

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