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Cool Well...

Damn, a clone who wished revenge upon the original and now wants to wipe out humanity.

Faust comes back to the menu when we consider how well this all plays with the Homunculus sub plot.

Can artificial magical girls return from becoming witches?

Are Incubators helping because a new humanity made entirely of magical girls would be an endless sea of cheap oil?

Why did Soul Gems cracked despite not being fully dirt?

There is still something amiss, something so mindblowing they are covering up for the goddamn end of this series.

Anyhow, here is what got explained:

-Kazumi detects evil nuts because she has Nico's magic running through her veins.

-Juubey has been fucking around with the Pleiades even longer than Kyubey.

-Saki's magic is an organic version of Homura and Kirika.

-The cake is a lie.
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