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You have a point there, the ghosts will need all the fighters they can get. We've already seen in previous chapters, how Clare reacts to the very name "Priscilla". I'm wondering if Raki will try to put himself between Clare and Priscilla and hopefully stop the fight. He will have to reveal that he traveled with Isley and Priscilla for several years and how is it he got so big and buffed out.You know Helen will blister his ears over that one. Will Raki end up being one of the most important players in this drama, because of his connections with both Clare and Priscilla? Come on chapter 130!
Lol we almost there. Yeah there's just so many factors that could happen in the upcoming chapter. Though tbh I don't see Clare getting pissed with Raki's reveal. She doesn't seem like that kind of character, but she'll have problems on what to do next.

And I can almost see this happening: The group escapes with the citizens of Rabona to the mainland on the ships they got from the Org. I don't why, I can see it happening but it also seems unlikely. That might be just to much of a huge jump.

On an unrelated note: I don't know about anyone else but I'm excited about the mainlands. The fact that Yagi revealed not only a whole new breed of monsters but an entire species has gotten me very interested in Claymore now. I have many questions regarding the Asarakam/DoD's. Most of them are common amongst others' thoughts: How powerful are they. What could they do in a fight. And mind scratching questions like will they be foes, or unlikely allies towards the cast? What kind of behavior/mindset do they have? Are they going have a superiority complex? Do they see themselves as "earth protectors" and see humans as threats to their homes?
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