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It seems I was a bit hasty.
Way back in an earlier chapter, it was revealed that Rubel was a spy planted in the organization with the intention of bringing it down. He only revealed it to some of the ghosts knowing full well, they couldn't go to the org. without facing execution for desertion. He suspected that the four warriors, Miria, Deneve, Helen and Clare were partially awakened and did not want the org. to find out. He hoped that sending them to the north would eliminate them without arousing suspicion. (Enough with the history already!)
It appears that the claymore saga is at a crossroads and could go in any one of several directions. There's the "some of the org. people are still alive, let's chop 'em up!" And the "let's kill Priscilla and go home!" Or the "The youngsters need our help, let's go back!" and of course "We've got a big ass abyssal coming, let's hope Priscilla takes her out after she kicks ass on that merged being!" WHEW! The mainland and the dragonkin aren't even on the storyline horizon yet. As far as weapons to fight dragonkin. Am I the only one who has noticed the lack of projectile throwing weapons? Archery doesn't exist in this world apparently, nor does gunpowder. In our sad little world, archery is several millenia old, gunpowder and primitive cannons appeared in China and later appeared in Europe, the apparent setting for Claymore.
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