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So the Asarakam do have human allies, and Rubel is proof of that?

Anyways, about the ways of which the Claymore manga can go during and/or after this climactic battle: On the manga forum, it seems that everyone is suspecting Yagi to end the manga after this fight. The reason being is that I heard Yagi wanted Claymore originally go for 25 volumes. There's always the sequel thing under a new title, but it seems that everyone believes that Claymore will certainly end after this fight If this is Claymore's final strides, then I would ask: what was the point of the plot twist revealed after that battle in Rabona? Why did Yagi go through the trouble of possibly revealing a new setting with new characters and enemies, if Yagi would never get to that point in the story Would it just have been better off if we didn't know about the origins of the Yoma and Org. or just leave out the mainland part?
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