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That latest episode was like a microcosm of everything that's wrong with the show. Immediately we're essentially off on another tack yet again with the new episode with everyone trying to destroy the headquarters, Truth pops up no worse for wear after getting blown up by what is supposed to be his weakness and does something inexplicable, everyone gets really emotional over the death of a background character, which might have carried at least a little weight if he didn't proceed to have his last will and testament delivered while wearing a cute little night cap as Fleur proceeds to ball her eyes out.

I think that about sums it up. This final arc is already starting to remind me of the other final Bones series arcs of late (Star Driver, No. 6) where it's very clear they have no handle on how to try and spark that drama we expect of a final arc without undermining it somehow via absurd portrayal of events and characters. If Magical Girl Naru (listed as a main protagonist at the start of the shows production who it now honestly looks like they are setting up as the final boss, which just feels wrong in so many ways) shows up and starts firing off golden tornado's or sucking the planet dry of it's energy or some other magic trick I'm defining the term "Bones Ending" as when you have a person that's close to the main character and who really shouldn't be serving as an antagonist for any logical reason showing up to bring the series to a conclusion via becoming boss class and the main character seemingly forgetting he ever had any attachment to them at all.
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