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Eureka Seven AO is NOT ending at ep22 after all. Something seems to have changed in the last week.

Previously Animax Japan was listing E7AO Ep22 (airing on 10/3 on the station, a week after MBS) as the final episode, with the next two weeks being filled by Anime Mirai reruns before AKB0048 takes over that time slot on 10/24. But now it has changed to reflect that E7AO Ep23 and Ep24 will be airing on those slots instead as originally planned with NO delay.

Since Zetsuen is still taking over E7AO's slot on MBS on 10/4, it means that MBS must have found some other way to air the last two episodes on some other slot without a delay. MBS hasn't said anything yet, so I guess we'll find out next week.
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