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It definitely Saki Rukino getting the best character of Valvrave award from me, it no competition at all.

She is a fresh breath of new air compared to the other mecha series's heroines. She flawed but not flawed, unpredictable with action that surprise us all. She prioritized herself first and will do anything to get what she wanted, while still being kind and interesting. Above all she has the best character development in the anime, from ice and cold at first to a person who want attention and fame. No contest at all, just no contest, she will remain as my favorite in Valvrave and as well as in the mecha genre. <3 Saki!!!!!!!!!

L-elf is 2nd, being the closes to Saki but still light years away. He get 2nd because I love his archetype, calm, cool, cold and collected.

Haruto is 3rd, although as a character he is weak compared to Saki and Haruto but he is the best mecha anime protagonist I have seem in a long time. He get 3rd for being developed as a interesting character and less of a whiner and crybaby compared to his other mecha anime counterparts.

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