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I voted for Cain, L-Elf, and Shoko.

I wasn't all that impressed with Cain until the final two episodes, but he was simply fantastic there. It's enough for him to be one of my three selections.

The last two episodes also made me re-think my position on whether or not L-Elf would have worked well as THE main protagonist of this show. Now that we've seen that he's not completely unbeatable, he's become much more interesting to me. He's also had a lot of great moments of looking cool, of course. Finally, I think he contrasts well with the rest of the cast, given how many of them are kinda goofball-esque.

And Shoko is the third character that benefited from the last two episodes for me. Prior to that, she struck me as a bit of an overly charmed character, almost Mary Sue-esque. But Episode 11 gave her some great challenges and adversity, and I liked how she responded to it in Episode 12. She lost a parent in one of the worst ways imaginable, and she clearly loved him, but she still bounced back very quickly to try to save Akira. That has earned some respect from me.

Characters I almost voted for...

Haruto is Ok, but just Ok. I think he was overshadowed a lot by other characters in the 2nd half. There's nothing particularly annoying about him (which instantly makes him better than a fair number of anime male leads ), but there's also not a lot that's particularly interesting about him. He's just a decently solid "vanilla" male lead. Works well with the colorful and quirky cast around him, but I doubt he could carry a show with a weaker cast.

I get why Saki is popular, and I like her well enough, but I find her hard to read. I tend to prefer characters that I feel like I have a good grasp on over characters that mystify me.

Moses had quite possibly the best line of the entire show. But not a whole lot else. Not quite enough for me to vote for him.

I love Takahi's character design, but her character roles are all over the place. She's like a utility player in baseball, used for every position as needed. She needs a bit more of an actual character arc before I could vote for her in something like this.
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