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Vita + Kyouka = scary.
Spoiler for Oh, you should know what spoilers mean.:

Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
I know how you feel ^^", I usually ask a frind to double-check the pics before I post, just to be sure there is not too much repost (except for today ).
Sexy reposts are always okay!
Originally Posted by Vivio Testarossa View Post
Delicious NanoFate, must know what moonspeak say.
-squints- Trying to read writing makes me cry, but I'll give it a shot.

Nanoha : Father, mother, may I take care of her?
Fate's sign : Please take me.
Nanoha : Abandoned?
Fate : W... Woof.

Fate-san's Doggie Days[?]

I hate knowing the pieces, but not knowing how to piece it all together, rofl. And now I want to play Wanko to Kurasou more.

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