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Okay, so I'm gonna make a quick review before the subs comes out.

Overall, I think this was a great episode. A bit rushed though. Some teary BeatoxBattler scenes, some trolling sprites, cute siestas, and ANGEEEE!!! First off, I want to start with the whole Evatrice vs Battler thing. I just say WTF DEEN! No red net! I am soooooo disappointed with you now. Shame! And also, DEEN really sucks at the trolling faces ^^'' Seriously, Ryukishi-san's "MadEva" sprite is so much better. The golden land scene was really pretty, and some engrishu too And... Ange made my day. When she jumped in and pwnd those goats, I swear, I let out a fangirl squee. After all, Ange is my favorite character after Evatrice Her seiyuu is so-so, could have been better, could have been worse. I'm really happy they used happiness_of_marionette as well I'm kinda disappointed that there was no Lambda threathening Beato. But the BernxAnge scene was perfect. But I'm sad they didn't use Wingless ;( And old Eva is supah creepy! I'm gonna wait with rating it until the subs comes out though.
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