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It's not that. In fact, I'm not even taking that into account until I've heard the full story. Shichika was totally willing to kill those two robbers even when they were no longer a threat and Togame had to actually explain why he shouldn't. Meisai's death was clearly something sad and something Togame felt remorse for (you could see it from the look on her face when she saw her body), but Shickika simply smiles at her like a dog who's successfully brought the stick back to his owner. The way he calmly took his stance against Togame when they first met and his sister confirming that Shichika would have killed her had she not fallen over. I wouldn't be surprise if had Shichika killed Togame then, he wouldn't have thought much of it. Shichika blatantly stated that he is Togame's sword to Mesei. Swords don't feel remorse. They don't feel anything.

I'm pretty sure Shichika is meant to be a deconstruction of the typical Raised By Wolves character type. Not played straight as you suggest.
Who cares if he doesn't cares about the life of others. He is a sword, no more no less.
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