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Originally Posted by Arbitres View Post
I think pistols would be preferable in small crowds or single one-on-one fighting. Less recoil than any other weapon (thus further accuracy on consecutive shots. Also depending on the type of handgun as a factor.)

They are also easy to carry around due to their compact size, so carrying more then one wouldn't be a bad thing unless you are wasting that for ammunition space.
Recoil and time between follow-up shots is highly dependent on skill. Take for example IPSC Champion shooter and Blackwater instructor Todd Jarrett, he can shoot a .45 1911 like it's a .22 pistol!!

And if you have to carry more than one gun, I would recommend consolidating calibers. Case in point is Glock pistols all accept magazines from other Glocks of the same caliber, as long as the magazine is not too small. So if you have a full size Glock 17 9mm and it fails, you can start using those same magazines in a sub-compact Glock 26 9mm as your back up weapon.

But yes if you have the opportunity to silently dispatch one of "them", a Gordon Freeman special wouldn't hurt...But I'd prefer a good old baseball bat or cricket bat, as our friends from overseas have already stated.
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