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Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
You'd be surprised at the accuracy of some shotguns. Some like the Benelli M4 Super 90, AA-12, and Saiga get pretty good accuracy. And shotguns aren't for accuracy. They are for overwhelming stopping power, which is more important.
The accuracy of a shotgun isn't dependent on the weapon itself. It's to do with barrel length and chokes.

The longer the barrel, the more time the pellets are accelerated to speed within the wad and the tighter the forcing cone or "choke" is, the smaller the grouping of pellets are down range.

As for my preparations against the undead...

I'm set anyway, I live in the country several kilometres fromthe nearest population centre and I've got a small arsenal at my disposal if anything goes awry.

My pride and joy of that arsenal is a paramilitary grade sniper rifle so I'm more than ready for picking off the undead at five hundred plus metres if they try to enter my property.

"It doesn't mean much, we never had a chance."
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