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I opt "Karaware" to be translated as "Split the Heaven"
The original purpose of IS is for space exploration, but the novel doesn't delve into this. So lets look this from other POV, Houki's birthday is July 7 (Tanabata), where the "River" is the Milky Way. Shino as in "篠" means "Bamboo" grass, which probably can be remotely relates to Tales of Bamboo Cutter. And looking at Akatsubaki weapons' name, I wonder what Tabane really wants from Houki?
So she's both Kaguya-hime and Orihime? That's some special titles Houki's carrying.

Reading the wiki, Kaguya-hime is a beautiful girl that came from a split bamboo. Her real identity is that she came from the moon so that at one point, she cries whenever she looks at the full moon. I guess that's where the Rainy Moon thing comes from? Rain = tears?

And as a wild guess, maybe the moon refers to Tabane as a person (or Tabane's significance) since I read some posts that says the moon is important in the epilogues especially when Tabane is concerned. Looking at Tabane (or whatever Tabane has in plan) makes Houki cry/ would make Houki cry at some point in the future?

As for the Orihime title, her birthday is in Tanabata and Ichika acts as her Hikoboshi. So I guess that means Tabane is Deneb that leads to the reunion of the two?

And if we're going to go on a romantic tangent, is Karaware a verb or a noun? If we take it as the noun "Cracked Sky", it probably means the milky way (a figurative crack in the sky) that separates the lovers in the legend. If we take it as the verb "Splitting the heavens", maybe Tabane wants her to "cleave the heavens" or the Milky Way that divides Altair and Vega?

It's all just pure speculation (so don't take me too seriously). Guess I had too much fun finding a link between the swords' meaning and the different legends associated with Tanabata and Bamboo Cutter.
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