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I suppose Fudo might be able to do something to expel Mykage from Zessica's body. But when has Fudo ever shown actual care or concern for Zessica?

Every way I can think of for Zessica to come out of this alive involves a complete asspull (such as what you mentioned about her quickly getting over Amata - like flipping a light switch - in two episodes or less!).

Zessica's at a point now where she actually needs crappy writing in order to stay alive.
I actually think the probability of her staying alive is quite high. For example, Amata and Mikono can force Zessikage to do a gattai and then with the power of LOVE and FIRENDSHIP Zessica regains her body.

The part that's going to require some kind of asspulls is her getting a truly happy end as she is pretty much guaranteed to have a bittersweet end right now.
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