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I don't think that Pollon has anything to apologise for, as it wasn't wrong of him to wish to meet Celiane again. Even if he was wrong (which I say he isn't), Apollo certainly isn't to blame, since he barely remembered anything of his past life anyway. Fudo did make a point of saying that people should not be living their lives thinking of themselves just as reincarnations. He was definitely going for a living the life you have now thing.

Toma/Mykage is responsible for his own problems and choices. It's natural that he would be upset over Apollonius leaving him, but after a point the blame which could be given to Apollonius for that dries up and it's all on Toma. The responsibility for turning into Mykage lies on him. (It's analogous to real life exes who go around saying things like "I'll kill myself and other people if you don't come back to me and love me!", because especially after a certain point of bitterness and batshit, you can't be blamed for what they do.)

That said. Apollonius is a powerful person, and if - if - he is still around, he may well know what's going on and be able to intervene in some way. If all of him is stuck in Aquarion, maybe there's nothing he can do. If he's also Fudo and Crea, that means he's still directly involved in the conflict, and it does make me wonder why he hasn't done more. A lot of other characters have been jerked around by Toma. Are cryptic comments really all that he's able to manage? Even though Toma is responsible for his own actions, he's really on another level from all of the characters except perhaps any remaining pieces of Apollonius, and Fudo too, if Fudo isn't Apollonius. Maybe Crea as well. I would argue that Apollonius and/or Fudo has a responsibility to do his best to help the others out as much as he's able to. It would help if he would talk plainly to others more often.

Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Yeah, that's not really how it works. He didn't really remember - and I don't think he ever outright said he was Apollonius. Did he?
He didn't. And when Sylvia talked about their past lives as if assuming that she was Celiane and he was Apollonius, he didn't say anything to confirm it, and didn't lie by omission either. He said he didn't know.

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Apollo though was really misguided. He really thought that the love he had with Celiane was legendary and that the entire universe was jealous of their love.
That's quite different from my impression of what happened in Genesis. Which episodes/scenes from Genesis do you have to support your claim? I can't say I remember Apollo going around saying things to the effect of "Silvia, you're my Celiane! We're fated and legendary, and the whole universe is jealous of us and our reincarnation romance..." That seems a very un-Apollo thing for him to imply.

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Doesn't matter, Apollo is Pollon is even if he knows nothing it doesn't change that he still is Pollon and thus Touma hates him. Apollo didn't even deny it and Apollonius appeared behind Apollo more than once. Than there's the scene when Apollo reached out for Silvia so did Apollonius reach out for Celiane. Thus Touma was tricked and is rightly pissed off over being tricked by a jealous dog.
Sorry, but no, that doesn't make any sense.

trick (trk)
1. An act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means.
Apollo didn't have any knowledge of what was going on. He wasn't tricking anyone. Now, Apollonius was in Aquarion and reaching out. You might have an argument that Apollonius tricked Toma, but not that Apollo did. In this instance, you're blaming Apollo for something which Apollonius did.

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