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no, I'm taking issues with your completely incorrect use of the term AI and NPC, the two are not interchangeable.
I wrote earlyer that an AI doesn't have to be a NPC. Just an AI in a game is always a NPC...
We are talking about Yui in the game... the character in the game... controlled by the AI - which makes the Character in the game a NPC.

few animals, and especially not plants, have achieved any where near the level of self-awareness that a sentient AI/alien life form would. And even then animals are considered to be sentient enough for there to be animal cruelty laws.
Yes but we treat a person that has braindamage better than the smartest salad on the planet.
“He who says A doesn't have to say B. He can also recognize that A was false”
-Bertolt Brecht
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