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Yui is not a "character", as "character" exists only in GAMES, the boundaries of which she has long since broken out of. You're equating AIs to NPC, which are two fundamentally different terms.
I'm not equating AIs to NPC they do have different principle, but in my point of view AI can that can be attached to NPC so that NPC can learn or thinking and even more be humanize. AI not only can be attached to NPC(a program) but if you attach it to a robot than it can do almost human like job if AI was really perfect.

Well form I understand that to your point of view Yui can't be said as an NPC because she is not a 'character' in first place rather than AI with a child girl persona?

Attach Yui to a girl robot then Yui can be player playing character in SOA, that would be good isn't it?
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