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Am I the only who think that Seric's death was just...stupid? He was killed off for the sack of it and nothing came out of it. At least with Woolf's death, Asemu learned to be himself and kicked some asses. Seric didn't achieve anything with his death. Hell, his death was horrible put together. He was alright and owned the weird drill bot's ass, and suddenly his MS hit a ship, smashed into halves and got stuck inside its engine? WTF? His death was so pointless and random that you thought the writers have to fill their generation mentor death quotas or something

Deen appears! Deen is disabled! Deen is death! Move on. Nothing to see here

Kio wants to protect everyone! Have you notice that everyone (especially your allies) around you are dying? Great job there!!!!

Zanald is one of the worst character ever. It is one thing you dislike someone on your force, but to actively sabotage your own forces' military effort? And also killing your own allies? What's the point?

At least I will have flashy battles to look forward to....I guess
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