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Hmm even with lots of action this episode feels weak.

1. Seric, yeah what a cool way to die but my problem is kio didn't even notice that his cool commander died. tsk. Then his moment with Deen, probably the gayest moment in Age that I had seen.But It's emotional when Natora decided to fire the cannon and Flit's reaction also. No matter what madman Flit is, when it comes to his comrades he will always show (not really show actually) his emotions(?). The scene when Flit saluted in honor of seric , for me was the best part of this episode. And also the last line of seric " I guest I'll take a long vacation" was cool. IMO it even topped Woolf's last line. What a level headed way to die.
2. Age-Fx with the blue trans-am, giga drill maker or simply called FX-Burst was cool but I really didn't feel its power. The way it was shown was simply not epic. It's just that Kio just screamed a lot and didn't even show what I can call REAL skills/or x-rounder powers. It's just lacking. Which brings me to:
3. Kio has the lamest snap. Compared to Flit and Asemu, it's not really emotional. And his "snap" seems to highlight his machine than his actual piloting or x-rounder skills. Compared again to Flit and Asemu where they actually just used their machine to it's fullest potential but didn't actually used new abilities of their suits. Remember that Double bullet and Spallow debut showed the machines actual abilities. With Flit and Asemu's snap, they actually showed more emotion as well as x-rounder and piloting skills respectively and their reason for kicking ass and being enraged is more felt unlike kio. With the both of them I was like " yeah kill that bastard! Show him what you can do!" But with Kio it was, " meh, the age-fx looks cool with blue trans-am, nothing more" Kio really has the weakest snap. If i'll rank it, it would be Asemu, Flit then Kio respectively for the best rampage. I don't even want to include kio but I can't think of any other pilots who rampaged in the show. EDIT: I think Decil actually helped make the rampage of Flit and Asemu cool. Decils reaction on why he was losing was priceless. Too bad we didn't see what are his actions after losing to Asemu since he was blown to pieces

Overall I feel that this episode is weak. I just my opinion anyway.

However, I'm really looking forward for the next episode! Asemu vs Zeheart FINAL ROUND OH YEAH!

I realized the reason why Kio sucks as of this moment is because unlike flit and asemu, he doesn't have a badass ally named woolf!
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