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Originally Posted by galdr View Post
Seric's death is meant to complete Natora's development. She finally mature enough to pull the trigger for the greater. I still prefer him to get out alive though.
IMO it wasn't that great of an effect in that regards. I mean how much have we seen of Natora to begin with? Just showing her maturing as she goes along commanding the DIVA is more than enough.

Zanald is as bad as Djibril from Destiny lol
Worst shooter ever. Then he makes an excuse that he was aiming at the enemy. I mean come on man, just go traitor on him.

And Kio is still the worst Gundam protagonist ever.
Everyone's already said their thing but I'm a little disappointed in the AGE FX Burst. I mean with the FX Kio was able to disable Zanald within why the hell didn't he used it against Zeheart and Fram?

The way Kio was crying about it seemed to imply the system would kill indiscrminately.

And by letting Zanald live, that just means more people like Deen are going to die. Good going Kio.

And who is surprised by Shanalua? I thought she was forgotten but Kio goes on his stupid rant and somehow mixes her message with his "protect everyone" when she was simply teaching him to fight smart and to protect himself.

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