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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
I would suggest Touch of course, by the same author (it's a common theme for Adachi). Truthfully you might want to look at a bunch of his works. Although in my opinion Touch and Cross Game are the best.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is another that has the type of romance you are identifying, but is mainly focused on other plot elements. Childhood friends, childhood trauma, serious guy, a "light" tsundere, etc.

I would also suggest Crest of the Stars and the sequels Banner of the Stars.

Maison Ikkoku is an older work that is actually more focused on the romance, but I think would be something you would enjoy if you enjoyed Cross Game.

You might even like Space Battleship Yamato with the understated romance.

Maybe Last Exile would be good to check out.

Ano Hana might also be to your liking. (The original one)

I didn't finish, but I heard that Hanasaku Iroha developed in that direction.

I've heard Steins Gate is a good romance, might be worth looking into (it's on my watch list)
Well I am definitly going to watch/read all of Adachi's works, so Touch is a yes.

FMA is more toward the other aspects, like the romance is so so.

A lot of people told me to watch the Crest of Stars, and that is on my Anime waiting list right now.

Maison Ikkoku will have to wait because I really can't handle more than 1-2 old anime due to the change in "old style drawings" and quality. It takes me time to get used to it.

I checked some sites and they said Space Battleship Yamato is not an active romance, well no where close to Cross Game, but I do understand when you say "understand romance".

The Last Exile I'm unsure about since none of the anime sites state it's a romance.

Ano Hana I heard of and might/might not watch. Is it going to have a new season? Is everything resolved in that one season if it isn't going to have another one>

Hanasaku Iroha is on my waiting list, but I might not watch it since I have a feeling it doesn't have the drama. Please tell me if it does, and how much drama if it does.

Steins Gate I heard has romance, but barely. Romance isn't even near the focus of the show (according to people). They said that it is just a Scientist/Patient close relationship which sparks at one point, otherwise it's not a romance. I'm not sure since I have never seen it, but I might try it later on.

Originally Posted by totoum View Post
I'll start off by saying that while I'll give you suggestions based on what you asked I figure your best bet is still with Touch,you're right in that the female lead is different from Aoba (same goes for the male lead who's not really like Kou) but what makes Adachi so good isn't so much the ingredient he uses but how he uses them,he's just a great storyteller so I'd say your safest bet is Touch,nevertheless here's some other recomendations based on what you asked though couldn't find something that had everything you wanted

Otome yukai Zakuro:
On the upside:I think you'll like the female lead,like Aoba she's on the tsundere side but not an over the top one,romance is an aspect of the show but not the only one (there's a whole plot that involves action)
On the downside: the male lead is more emotional than Kou so might not be what you're looking for,no school setting or any past connection with the characters.

On the upside:Again it has a female lead I think fits what you're looking for and while there's a romance aspect it's mainly a sci fi time travel story.
On the downside: Again not sure the male lead is what you're looking for,he has a quite over the top personality though when it comes to love he's more reserved, also has no school setting or past connection.

Kaicho was maid sama:I think you'll like both the female and male lead and it has a school setting but it's mainly a romance title with no major other aspect
I started the anime Touch yesterday, and let me tell you, it did not grab my attention straight away. Cross Game just grabbed my attention and I ended up watching 5 episodes on my first day (holding back), then I started pacing myself. Touch seems like more of a comedy, it's not a bad anime, it will probably get better, but the beginning was quite weak. I already saw hints of romance in the first 3 episodes of Touch. It did take me a while to get used to the art style (mainly due to quality). I'll praise Touch on one thing though, it's one of the first anime in a LONG TIME that made me laugh naturally (just laughed out with no control). I don't watch that much comedy anime (just comedy I mean), so this is maybe a second for me in finding something funny in a romance anime. One major thing I dislike about Touch is the fact that they make baseball look like a joke, maybe it's because it's an old anime, but the pitches look very mediocre when the backup pitcher was throwing. The twin aspect took me a while to get due to similar names. Everyone in this anime smiles all the time too, does it ever get dramatic?

Some reason, I would have felt more satisfied if Kazuya somehow dies or something happens (I know it's messed up). I'm get the feeling this is going to be the jealous type of romance. But, like someone on another forum said, "Adachi always has different ingredients, but makes up something wonderful with what he has."

As for the other anime, Otome yukai Zakuro, I will give it a try later on when I have an anime slot to use up, even though I dislike anime that less than 24 episodes. Stein;Gate, as I said in the text above (when I quoted the other person), everyone said it was a scientist/patient relationship and that he is close to all his patients except one of them which ends up with a spark moment (romantic). Everyone said if I'm looking for romance, that it wouldn't fit my requirements.

Kaicho wa Maid-sama is definitely on my list, many people told me to watch it since I am a fan of tsundere ever since I watched my 3rd anime which was Shakugan no Shana. I just like other types of tsundere other than Type A. My preferences for tsundere changes from time to time. I heard in this anime, she shows her emotions like in the beginning (embarrassment, not love) and after that, she becomes less emotional. Any comparison and differences between her and Aoba. Also, I never knew the guy was like Kou, I thought he was more open. Having no other major aspect is a down for me, but I can handle it.
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