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Originally Posted by Logos55 View Post
Cross game is my all-time favorit anime. Havent been able to find anything quite like it, or as good. Other animes that i think give a somewhat similar feel for different reasons are:


I remember watching 2 episodes of Planetes but it was around 3 AM in the morning, so I have no idea what I watched to be honest. If it's similar, I'll give it another shot.

Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
I'm going to recommend Chihayafuru again which seems to have gotten lost in the walls of text above. It's mostly about the game, karuta, and the relationships between Chihaya and her fellow devotees, but there are hints of romance. As I said, it's likely that part of the story will be more developed in the next installment in January.
I already had that on my list, the only downside is that I dislike watching "ongoing" anime or anime with a next season. I'll wait until the show is close to finishing the second season, hoping that it will be the last season of the anime.

Originally Posted by totoum View Post
I'd say around episode 25

Chihayafuru indeed mixes sports and romance very well,it has a school setting and the characters do have a childhood past together and I think you'd like both male characters.

The only thing real difference from what you're asking is that the girl doesn't start out hating anyone,that's why I didn't recommend it at at first but thinking about it more it has many of the other things you were looking for.
Well, I still hate the competitive aspect of Touch, it's as if there isn't any. Overall, it gives me the best feel since it has similar art styles to Cross Game. I realized I liked the hinted romance/past in Cross Game and the competitive aspect, not really the sport. I also liked the fact it barely contained comedy even though it was considered a romantic anime,
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