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Originally Posted by Cierra View Post
If only i knew how to put the text right next to the siggy like White Manju Bun and some others do...
Do you mean like this?

If so use the following tags (copy paste):


Now just put the image inside [IMG][/IMG] and the text inside [SIZE=1][/SIZE] . Of course you can also use the [URL=""][/URL] and the other functions as if it were a normal line of text

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
ROFL!!! Now if we could only get him to actually use that
Yeah, I thought that too, do you have any ideas?

Originally Posted by Manju
Egads youre making Maria Holic icons??? Oh boy!!
I giffed episode 1 out of fun, but I don't know how much I'll do about the rest of the series. ^^
I guess you're a Mariya fan since he's a bishounen inside! XD

Originally Posted by Ice Climbers View Post
Pelly's using the tsukasa avie again =o
As I said to Rikah-chan, I'm waiting for something interesting from the new series and in the meanwhile, I'm recycling some of the oldies

Update? I have nothing!

A Maria+Holic crop sign:

Two random gifs from Nagasarete Airantou (the girl is Mei Mei) and Manju's requests from Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou:

Spoiler for better quality and not AS safe version of the last gif:
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