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The most important thing though is that he did what he should have done seasons ago and told Kazumi off.
Well, I believe there are reasons for that.

Spoiler for Possible Answer From Novel Summary:

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It did amuse me with how screwed the Misaki City crew was without Yuji. He has the one weapon you don't dare block or parry, the ring that makes one invulnerable to flame (and thus immune to just about every Flame Haze), he knew where their mission control was kept, knew the strengths and weaknesses of all three Flame Hazes present... and he was also their ace in the hole against powerful Tomogara in the first place, and now they had to fight against that ability...
Yes, Yuji is the strategist behind the Misaki City crew, throughout Season 1 and Season 2. His idea is influential in aiding Flame Hazes' victory in Misaki City, most notably during Sabrac's attack. With Yuji joining the other side, Flame Hazes in Misaki City just have to charge their tactics. Well, it really makes the subsequent episodes more exciting.

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