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Originally Posted by weaponX View Post
she likes Yuji (lord knows why)
I could be wrong. Still, I feel the love she has for Yuji began when Yuji stood up for her in front of coach, as she fell down to catch her breath. It was the time every student in Yuji's class was running around the track (Anime Season 1 Episode 4). The sense of admiration became love, I suppose.

Originally Posted by weaponX View Post
The thing is, well Kazumi is fairly pointless to the show. If you subtract her from the show, nothing will be lost.
I respect your opinion on that, and here is mine. If that is the case, Shana would take Yuji for granted. She would feel that Yuji is always by her side, even though she does nothing to impress him.

Even since Kazumi declared her love for Yuji (Anime Season 1 Episode 12), Shana started to appreciate Yuji more and stepped up the game, such as offering her most beloved melon pan to Yuji. I mean that if Kazumi does not exist at all, up to now, we probably would not hear Shana declaring her love to Yuji. My point is that everyone has a role to play, and Kazumi is no exception.

Edit: Game8910's comment is more insightful than mine.

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