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I really liked this episode. Not because of Inori, but because of Shu. He is such a spot on depiction of the socially passive-aggressive slightly misogynist nice guy that it's hard for me not to interpret it as a subtle shot at otakus. He builds his whole reality around a girl he's known for a few days, let's this false reality dictate his life choices and then is surprised that she freaks out when he asks her to run away with some guy she hardly knows? The jealousy towards Gai was the clincher. Shu is the picture of self pity, and takes umbrage that people naturally gravitate towards someone with charisma and self worth. For a minute I was afraid Ayase would throw him a pity bone but I hope that doesn't happen. It would be totally counterproductive.

For purposes of character development, the writers have the work cut out for them. This kid can't go anywhere but up from here.

We need a Tsugumi episode though. I can't stay satisfied with coveting the few seconds of Tsugumi we've been getting so far. Less Inori, more Ayase and Tsugumi.
Spot-on assessment. I can't stand him right now, and I'll be extremely put off if he doesn't start to man up soon.
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