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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
You definitely have a point there, one which makes Shu's character and situation a somewhat sympathetic one for me, but I also think hoarfrost is on to something here.

I do like the idea that Shu is meant to be very representative of the modern otaku, warts and all. I've seen "Yuji Everyman" characters like Shu before, and they often improve very rapidly and/or become somewhat idealized representatives of the modern otaku.

Shu is more raw, real, unrefined. His weaknesses are not sugarcoated, made light of, or spun to somehow be positives.

I could see Shu being a subtle commentary on the modern otaku. I also have to have a certain respect for a work that can sublimely comment on its very own audience in an even-handed way.

Ehh? That's quite a long shot don't you think ? They did ALL this just to spite the otakus ?

Well, I guess you've found out the real reason why this is being aired in noitaminA
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