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Well, for the record I have no intention of quitting this thread. I do already have another account on two other threads that talk about Claymore and might end up redistributing where I talk a bit based on who moves where, but I like it here and there is always a billion to one shot we might get a season 2 so the thread can return (tries to fool himself it can still happen ).

I don't blame the mods, nor anyone else. Even in light of recent events... I've been fearing this for sometime after the thread post counted started dying once this most recent arc started (around ch 108/9). I just didn't say much since about it since I didn't want it to happen. Other threads where hit too... but I'm not going to argue well why didn't this one get hit vs mine or why that one too... it's too late whats done is done. I still post on narutoforums's Claymore thread (not even subforum) all the time and am fine with it... I'm just glad we've got a separate image thread and one continuous thread for posting anything manga related... the other still open threads are just bonuses. Hopefully people will accept this in time...

Anyways, Xellos-_^ your comment made me think of the expression "It just takes one bad apple ruins it for everyone" and this just popped in my head. So now I had to post it.

Spoiler for pics:

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