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I saw the EP... I think my expectations were too high. I liked it, just wished the animation would have been better. The Rika scene freaked me out when I played the game since I forgot about the stabbing - I could imagine the people who didn't see the anime prior to playing the game even moreso, b/c it literally came out of nowhere.

I also miss Rika's screaming during her stabbing... It would have been cool, but probably waaaaaaaay too much for Public TV. I mean the stabbing is graphic enough as is.

BTW Rika stabs herself in the throat not the head ^^

My biggest complaint with the Meakashi Hen in general is, it shouldn't be 6 EPs, IMO. I mean I love the chapter (even more so then the next), but Tsumihoroboshi really needs as many EPs as it can get.

Well next EP is going to be good. The best two parts of Meakashi will be fused together for Shion and Satoko fans ^^
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