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Originally Posted by relentlessflame
First, the covers for DVDs 5 & 6:
Spoiler for R2 DVD 5 & 6 Covers:
And also, the art cards...
Spoiler for R2 DVD 5 & 6 Art Cards:
Having seen those images, I'm sure that you'll come to the very same conclusion I did: Jan-puu is really cute. Oh, and all the art looks nice...
WOW!!! Plus Rep. for the images!! Very nice. Love the artwork. Thanks for posting them. Man that artwork is nice. Wish the R1 release would use it (if there ever is an R1 release).
If you'd rather keep the 13th episode a complete surprise, don't view the image below!
Spoiler for Episode 13 Preview from Megami Magazine - *real spoilers this time*:
I'm really looking forward to next month's DVD!
Not gonna look...nope...okay...maybe...

/Edit...bah...I need to spread around the Rep before I can Rep you again. Bah I say.
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