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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
I personally can't believe that nobody ed this title up for licensing a long time ago, though. The popularity of this show in Japan was obvious enough, and the US anime companies must have had at the very least an idea how popular it was in the states, simply through its massive buzz on the internet.
I think one (or both) of these things are occurring:

KyoAni knows it has gold and won't let it go for peanuts
KyoAni loves their baby and wants to make sure the right people get it

Haruhi is a gold mine, and I'm sure U.S. distributors have been beating down the doors at KyoAni since the singles hit #2 on Oricon. It will be licensed, it's just a question of who's willing to pay what it takes to get it. The US anime industry has been in a bit of a recession lately, so it's possible that no one can afford it at the moment.
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