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Originally Posted by LCeh View Post
It's possible the costume frames could be retouched (or completely replaced with something new) as was done for US release Dirty Pair manga several years ago. In that case, Kei and Yuri ended up with cocktail-waitress dresses. For Haruhi, this kind of compromise sounds even more likely if one takes into account the fact that the entire TV series is right now being massively retouched with over 1,000 pieces of animation being added (including new scenes, props etc..) in Japan for the DVD release. It would make sense that new scenes sans bunny girls could be easily created with the artists already in the studio at this time churning out the new material. Perhaps when this process is complete international licensing activities and releases can commence.

Supreme %$*#-ing FAIL!!!!

Where's that pic of Quattro Bajeena saying "You phail at life!"? I'm gonna print that out on 100 sheets of cardboard paper and shove those sheets down the animators', licensers', and licens-ees' throats if this actually happens.

Thank god the above isn't an official announcement. Or heads would roll. >.>

Yes, I'm overreacting (intentionally, mind you ), but I hate it when they change stuff like this. Changing when there's a problem is one thing, but this should be fine. It's not like the anime characters are ripping off Playboy for a real-world profit, or taking away credit or anything from Playboy. And the bunny girl outfits are in like, what, two episodes? Give me a break.

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