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Although it looks nice, I think once the device is jailbroken, this is when the device will reach it's full potential... Not getting one at the moment since I have a iPhone 3GS and also a Macbook Pro laptop, which can do most of the tasks...

However, there are some drawbacks such as no multitasking and printing support. I see no use of the iPad itself, but it can kill devices like the Kindle and the Nook which are black and white and used mainly for reading e-books. The iBooks uses a open ebook format, so hopefully one should be able to put content onto the device... and the iPad does most of the basic tasks of a netbook (office tasks, web browsing, music, etc.) and makes them look obsolete because of the cramped keyboards, trackpads and low resolution, but the iPad is more of a Kindle killer than a Netbook killer... Netbooks in my opinion are pointless devices mainly because of the crippled hardware which doesn't make it that appealing.

Now, I hope Google will come out with some Android tablets to add more to the competition.
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