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*shrugs* Well, hopefully they'll correct it for the DVDs, along with removing steam.

Also, I'm rather tickled by how the character designs of the H&K sisters reflect the weapon familes that were derived from the G3, with slight differences to differentiate them (cf 53 having same hairstyle but no ahoge, and different color compared to Chiisuri- I mean, MP5-chan).

Would like to see the rain battle between Uzi and MP5 sisters animated; also, based on Upotte Nano, there are 6 H&K girls; G3, MP5A2, MP5K, MP5SD, HK53 and HK33E.

Also, MP5A2 is apparently G3's favorite sister. ^^;;

Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
Yeah, I like how they classify these guns to their girl forms. Still confused about my earlier question about what pistols could be, I hope it isn't babies

And how about that Thompson-sensei, I wonder....... is that the drum round version where it would mean she's big up there?
Thompson-sensei is apparently the drum magazine version, according to Upotte!! Nano; she's also got a large bust due to being one of the heaviest SMGs ever, at over 5kg.

Battle Rifles average 4 KG.

I regularly recite that when I think of girls and it stands true for my G3-chan
..... right.

Come to think of it, Garand-sensei looks alot like Gunny Hartman. Probably not a conicidence.

Well you thought well, hahaha..... wait a minute, Koko is trafficking human girls!
Only because they're guns. I'm more worried about where Lem is holding Sig.
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