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Originally Posted by LordStrike View Post
i like Turn A because its the only gundam you can kick in the crotch and it gets hurt XD lmao
That somehow explain why Turn A was so powerfull. For me Turn A is one of the most fun looking Gundam.Here my take on my favourite non-gundam design.

GNX Series: new generation grunts,love it design.Especially Advanced GNX.
Bushido Ahead: Well it unique design stole my heart.Like it beam katana & it horn.
Tallgeese Series: it fearsome & awesome look bring shock & awe to me.
The O: Look bulky & it has extra arm too,cool.
Gouf Custom: Oh,it gatling gun can show some serious firepower.
Kampfer: Just look at it make me wanna cry because it has shotgun & panzerfaust.
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