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You seem to forget how he learned about Itazu in the first place; only after he asked the Eden group if they could crack the phone. So yes, he definitely planned on getting them involved. I mean just think about all the information that's on that phone and what it indicates. Government and police corruption on all kinds of levels and whatever other crazy stuff the Selecao have been up to.
He wanted the phone fixed, but I doubt he intended to share its contents with the others. It would also be rather rude for them to rummage through the phone without his permission. To be fair though, this really was not a bright idea on his part.

That thing is obviously so advanced, that I wouldn't even look at it funny; chances are it is always watching and listening. I can't think of a better way to summon the supporter than trying to reactivate someone else's phone to abuse the system. Perhaps someone less technically inclined would not be aware of just how dangerous it is though.

The Selecao he met before were all different types. There is no reason for him to assume that the rest pose no threat. Especially after he learned about "the Supporter".
I would say that there is good reason: they were all chosen as hopeful saviors. The members willingly accepted this obligation, and staked their lives on the chance to make a difference; they should probably be decent people.

The fact is he should've at least given the Eden members the chance to decide whether they wanted to risk their lives. But I guess if someone close to Saki does die it'll provide for more drama than if he was just straight with them. This whole thing with Oosugi is obviously leading us there anyway.
No doubt, it would be better if he could be more up front about it. Given knowledge of the supporter though, it would be all the more unwise to share that information. At least in theory, he has nothing to worry about if he keeps to the rules.
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